About US

At Gameover Inc. we combine our passion for innovative design with extraordinary automobiles to create meaningful and elegant media. Our services are unique and exclusively geared for luxury brands and prime time entertainment providers.

Our advantages
  • Meaningful high-impact billboard that will pull consumers towards your brand & stand out from all the media clutter surrounding today’s iconic hotspots around the world.
  • Visually captivating, our billboards become the center of attention everywhere we go attracting large audiences with the desire to take photos & videos generating tremendous media buzz well beyond the billboard itself.
  • Pictures & videos taken are tagged with trendy hashtags & shared across social networking platforms giving your brand global exposure from one location in both the physical & digital worlds.
  • The high-traffic areas we frequent are crowded with tourists & locals that provide a mixture of affluent consumers, millennials, & the generation z. Pictures & videos shared are by multi cultural users of all demographics instead of a sponsored ad making our message more personal, meaningful & memorable.
  • Intelligent mobility with unbeatable brand placement our billboards will target your audience by visiting iconic venues, making appearances at sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade shows, & any other citywide prime entertainment hot spots.
  • QR codes integrated into our designs allow easy access for audiences to engage your brand by sending them anywhere you want. It could be your e-commerce store, website, social media & more.
  • Our handsome driver & model can display your product by wearing or holding your merchandize. They can carry portable tablets that will play high video content you provide. We have a film crew capturing all the memorable moments during your campaign to make a viral reel video.
  • Geofencing technology allows us to provide live tracking & set a predetermined route providing detailed analysis of your campaign. Analytic reports collect statistics regarding the route travelled, total distance traveled, average speed, & amount of time spent mobile vs stationary.
  • To ensure safety & to maximize the number of impressions captured during the media campaign Gameover utilizes in-car technology to ensure our supercars do not go over 37 mph / 60kmh.  Our drivers are trained in specialized defensive & tactical driving.
  • World wide services that can help expand your brand to new international markets, connect with current audience & reach new consumers.
  • With limited production we always choose quality over quantity. To maintain exclusivity, we run a maximum of three media campaigns simultaneously in the same city. All three media campaigns will feature different industries.
Exclusive SERVICES

In today’s photogenic world, there are many benefits for top companies to advertise on supercars. It’s a perfect backdrop for brands that share a high-quality vision.

Supercars represent exceptional performance, fine craftsmanship, exclusivity and speed. The instant association of your brand with high-performance automobiles makes for meaningful and memorable advertising solutions in comparison with other OOH advertising options currently available.