Gameover Inc.

At Gameover Inc. we specialize in outdoor and digital media for progressive advertising solutions exclusively targeted at luxury brands and prime time entertainment providers. We combine our passion for innovative design with extraordinary automobiles to create meaningful and elegant advertising.  Our creative designs are inspired by your products creating unique, interactive, and memorable billboards. Visually captivating, our billboards get photographed sending your brand from the cities iconic hotspots  to mainstream social media platforms. As a global start up, we are working towards operating in 70 major cities across 28 countries.



Our vision is to provide something different, high-impact billboard that will stand out from all the media clutter surrounding today’s iconic hot spots around the world. A billboard powerful enough to provide your brand with world wide exposure from a single location. A billboard that will pull consumers toward your brand, and generate tremendous buzz well beyond the billboard itself. We see perfection as a moving target, always finding new ways to improve our innovative ideas and implementing them in future projects. Our drive for innovation will allow our company to evolve and provide clients with creative ideas, unique designs, and quality service.

Our Supercars Make A Perfect Backdrop

In Our Photographic World

Stunning automobiles such as modern supercars, vintage automobiles, and classic cars have a unique way of inhabiting our hearts and minds. You don’t have to own one to experience this feeling. You are fascinated by the shape of the car; its presence alone is magnetic. This universal fascination makes supercars and other extraordinary automobiles a perfect backdrop in our photographic world.

Creating a bridge between the

physical and digital worlds

Social sharing is one of todays favourite pastimes, our unique designs combined with legendary  automobiles entice the desire to engage and share creating a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. This phenomenon occurs when QR codes embedded into our designs are scanned, and our supercars are photographed / filmed by thousands, instantly delivering your brands message globally.

Exclusive / Interactive Advertising With

Style and Purpose

Our billboards are memorable. Pictures and videos taken are tagged with trendy hashtags and shared across social networking platforms creating instant media buzz for your brand / product / event. This transition from mobile to online advertising is seamless, and consumers do a lot of the work for you through social sharing and word-of-mouth frenzy.

“Imagine a single billboard powerful enough to provide worldwide exposure—from a single location. It takes only one picture to generate millions of impressions worldwide.” – Tomek Stefani, CEO/Founder

Valuable Interactions

Strategic Locations

Our mobile billboards will flow with the city’s vibe, making appearances in major cities worldwide. Accompanied by glamorous models, we frequent high-traffic areas crowded with affluent consumers, millennial’s, and tourists. We target your audience by visiting iconic venues and making appearances at sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other citywide prime entertainment hot spots.

Collaboration &


Gameover celebrates existing partnerships and facilitates fresh, strong supportive partnerships between automotive industry leaders and like-minded companies in luxury and prime time entertainment sectors. We team up with companies that share the same values and beliefs choosing quality over quantity – creating something unique without any limitations.


Your Brand

We get familiar with your brand history, product range, image and values. With this knowledge, we set off to create appealing graphics that are congruent to your brand identity. We understand your brand and product to convey the intended message during our face-to-face interactions with the audience. Our models will have the option to display your product by wearing or holding your merchandise. They can carry portable tablets that will play the high-definition video content you provide. Consumers are treated to a superlative experience of your product and brand in real time.



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