Creative Designs

Inspired by your products.

At Gameover Inc. we don’t just create billboards, we create dynamic artwork that evokes excitement, desire & positivity. The supercar creates the first delightful visual experience, and our creative design draws viewers to your brand, ensuring that your message stays in their minds long after they have taken their eyes off our exciting billboards.



The advantage of the 3D design is that it offers 360° exposure. Unlike traditional billboards, our supercars allow our designers to create unique 3D design, ensuring the visibility of your media campaign  from all angles, allowing audiences easy connection with your brand. This interaction can be enhanced by embedding campaign-driven hashtags and QR (Quick Response) codes into areas that are easy to scan, providing consumers any information you choose.

The Creative

Possibilities Are Endless

We wanted to give our clients the option of greater square footage for larger and more unique designs. To make this happen, we created our Elite and Gameover packages. The packages offer the benefit of multiple supercars simultaneously for more ‘ad space’ and double the impact. The creative possibilities are endless, allowing our designers to fashion something truly unique in which the graphics flow seamlessly from one supercar to the other, exhibiting a remarkable unified visual experience. If you want something bigger and better, these are the packages for you.

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